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Join me & friends for a fun party on Second Life (a free Virtual World) where we will watch a movie together, play board games, and listen (dance) to music in Second Life!

This is an old tradition I started several years ago with my guild where we'd have movie nights and hang out. We've had a few movie nights since but it's been a while so I figured it was high time for another get together! So here I am inviting my friends, old and new, to come and have a good time on the 23rd this month! Feel free to also invite friends yourself.


The movie will start at: 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST / 11pm CEST / 7am AEST

I would highly recommend you'd get there about 5-10 minutes beforehand so you can make sure everything has loaded properly.

I would also recommend hopping into the party location before the date (you can access it already) and mess around with the TV to make sure it works for you. If you need any help I'll be happy to help you get set up!

I will be at the event location an hour before the party starts so you're welcome to get there early to hang out if you wanted to.

After the movie there will be an after party where everyone gets to play the music they like and/or I will be playing a variety of songs. We can then play table games like greedy greedy and cards against humanity, or dance to the music. So if you feel like it prepare a list of a few songs on youtube that you'd like to share at the afterparty if you plan to stick around, again this is optional.

The after party will end at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT / 2am BST / 3am CEST / 11am AEST but of course you're free to leave whenever you feel like it :)

As for what movie. I have not decided yet but it will likely be a more recent movie. I might put up a strawpoll soon to gauge which movie people would like to watch most. Feel free to make suggestions!


Install this Second Life viewer (it's free):

You will also need to install Adobe Flash for Opera/Chromium or the TV within Second Life might not work properly. Install the Windows 7 version (even if you have windows 10) which you can do here:

To get to the party location put the below URL into the address bar within the Firestorm Second Life viewer (just like you would with a browser) or you can tell me your name on Second Life and I can send you a teleport:

If you are new to Second Life I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the viewer and settings (CTRL+P) before the event. Also practice how to move around (Icon of a little man walking or arrow keys), interact with items (right click), and use the camera (Eye Icon or mouse) - You can also go into your preferences > move & view > movement and tick the 'pressing letter keys affects movement' to move with WASD which might be easier for those of you used to gaming.


If you want to dress up for the party you can also adjust the way your character looks using the Appearance window (Tshirt icon), and the Inventory window (Suitcase Icon). You can find freebies to customize your character to help you do so. Just go to the URL below within the Firestorm viewer and click on the pictures you see hanging around to 'buy' the stuff you want (make sure it's L$0, meaning it's free) all items will go into your Inventory. To wear find it in your inventory and right-click to 'add' or 'wear'.

Some you might have to unpack if it's in a box or bag which you can do by searching for a sandbox (Content > search > places) then drop the items there (hold and drag out of your inventory unto the ground), right click to unpack (remember to right click and return the box after opening), you can use the search again to find more freebie stories. I'd be happy to help guide you through everything before the date if you need help just let me know. Here's the freebie store, it has many floors:
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