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Rules and Regulations

Not adhering to the following rules and guidelines may get you removed from the guild either with or without notification.

  • Follow all the rules and guidelines set forth by Arenanet as you agreed upon when you started playing the game
  • Be respectful and kind to others, and when possible help them. It's not expected that you are always in the best mood or never have any attitude but the point is to try to keep that to the bare minimum. We understand that everyone is human and has bad days.
  • If you have a qualm with someone work it out in private or message the leader or an officer for assistance. Don't broadcast drama in guild chat.
  • We have ZERO tolerance towards any form of discrimination this includes 'jokes' e.g: 'Make me a sandwich woman'. We are an inclusive, welcoming community.
  • Always act respectfully within the Guild Wars 2 community as a whole. Wearing our tag means you represent us as a guild within the community and giving us a bad reputation with your behavior outside of the guild is not allowed. Excessive elitism is frowned upon.
  • Our community is a joined effort, while the leader and officers will likely host events and guild missions etc. we are NOT solely responsible for your entertainment. We expect ALL members to find their own entertainment or to create events and groups themselves within our community. Please remember we are people too who also want to play the game ourselves and we have real lives so we can't always hang out with everyone at the same time
  • Please voice complaints about the guild privately by mailing or PM'ing someone in charge. Bashing of the guild in public is not allowed. This semi falls under the be respectful part, the point is to communicate with each other about our grievances and find a middle ground.
  • Don't take all items out of the guild bank, don't steal, don't scam, don't advertise dodgy websites like gold sellers, don't hack.
  • Stalking, harassment, and blackmailing will get your banned and reported.
  • Pre-longed inactivity without notification will get you removed from the guild without notice after a month. If you do return after that time you are free to apply again.
  • While you are allowed to rep other guilds if you are for example doing organized world bosses or playing in a sPvP team - We do expect you to rep our guild for the majority of the time, think 90% of your time online. Seeing as we are a new social guild we need your contribution to our community for us to grow and bond and so if you rarely rep you might be removed from the guild as you don't have the same goal as we do and are hampering our growth.
  • If you are disruptive or don't quite fit with our guild you may also be removed.
  • The leader and officers are allowed to remove any member for any reasonable reason at any time even if the reason is not listed in the rules. If you think you have been unfairly kicked, please mail or PM the leader to discuss your situation and you may be let back into the guild under certain conditions.
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