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Welcome to our brand new Guild Wars 2 community!


The Halcyon Order was founded on 1st of September 2015 by Fay Everdunes. The tag D'ni stands for a 'New Beginning' the word comes from the game series of Myst, here you can read some background information on that word: Wiki Link


The purpose of The Halcyon Order for the time being is to gather predominantly new players (although Veteran players looking for a fresh start are more than welcome too) within the game to build up a new community from scratch with the final goal of having a full raid team to try to conquer the raid content together in Heart of Thorns and a solid group of friends to travel across Tyria with.

How it came to be:

Fay Everdunes is a long term Guild Wars 2 veteran who has been playing the game since the very first beta events before launch and who transferred from the EU region to NA. Upon arriving in the NA region it became apparent that it was difficult to insert oneself into already well established guilds with their cliques.

Seeing as the Free to Play accounts had just been activated and all the newcomers probably felt the same way, it seemed the perfect opportunity to begin a new community. Fay has been running guilds and clans in various games including in GW2 EU region for 12 years.
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